Are you a beginning or intermediate level English learner who would like to improve your speaking skills? Well, I an provide one-on-one courses tailored to you—your level, your goals, your life. I have taught stay-at-home moms, business people, government workers, and students from elementary school to graduate student level in university.

The work we do together will depend on you, of course. As needed we will work on your:

  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Fluency
  • Speaking rhythm and cadence
  • Ability to speak fluently in different situations

I will give you all the course materials you need to increase your vocabulary, shore up any holes or weaknesses in your understanding of good grammar, and, most important of all, handle yourself in day-to-day situation at home, work or school. Do you need to pass the oral part of an English exam? I can help with that. Impress the boss or your colleagues at work? We’ve got you covered. Meet a special guy or girl, make a friend, or help your kid make friends at school? I can work out mini-dialogues to get you through and even help you practice!

I will give you exercises and extra content to work on at home, as time allows. The tools I will give you will help you progress a little, or a lot… it’s up to you. I guarantee you will improve your English speaking skills quickly if you follow the program I will give you. I even offer a money-back guarantee so you never need to worry about whether you will be spending your time and money wisely, when you spend it with me.

Class length and frequency

Lessons will be one-on-one, in person, on Skype or Google Hangouts, 50 minutes in length, as many times a week as you can handle! (3 – 5 is recommended for most rapid progress, though we can meet as few as once a week). Each week I will give you some study materials, either written, audio, video, or a combination of the three, depending on your level. At beginner to intermediate levels the focus will be on vocabulary lists and basic grammar worksheets as well as speaking and pronunciation practice. At intermediate and advanced levels we will move more towards harder words, more sophisticated grammar, and speaking exercises that can take you all the way up to polished presenter levels.

Book Online


Payment is required in advance. I accept payment by PayPal or electronic money transfer.

1 hour – $30 CAD

10 hours – $250 CAD prepaid, 6 month expiry

20 hours – $460 CAD prepaid, 1 year expiry

50 hours – $1000 CAD prepaid, 1 year expiry



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